[01]About softedge

is a ceramic-based project by Layla Cluer, devoted to the sculptural possibilities of everyday objects and the spongy edges of their disciplines.

The first forms took shape in late 2019 and burgeoned into what is now a small batch design and production studio, making functional art for tables all around the globe.

Based on Bundjalung Land (Byron Bay, Australia) we craft exclusive ceramic ranges and collaborate with other creatives and brands—spanning many disciplines—to create images, objects and events that spiral out from the kitchen table.

softedge today is bound to her namesake through a dedication to producing an ongoing collection and series of seasonal editions that never stay the same, yet keep edges soft and curiosities sated. 

Equally functional and aesthetic, our pieces and projects question the potential of interacting with utilitarianism through a playful consideration of use and intuitive, original form. Each design adds an element of sculpture to the art de la table.

Beyond tactility, the softedge archive and stories consider the philosophical and anthropological elements that brace and fortify the creative process: preserving thought space, conversations, and ideas, while offering equal attention to the objects these extend from.


              Each piece in the softedge collection is moulded off an original hand-formed by designer and founder Layla Cluer. After many months (if not years) of development, of trying and testing each form with our ceramic problem-solving capabilities, softedge pieces are ready for production. All pieces are cast by hand, in-house, from our small studio. Our team uses slip-casting methods to carefully translate each sculptural form into functional ceramic ware.

To dive a little deeper into our process and world…

[03] Materials

Each softedge piece is hand-crafted from Australian clay. By staining the clay bodies at the slip stage, we can create a rich depth of colour on both raw glazed and surfaces across our forms. 

We have a simple approach to sustainability—our designs are intended to be timeless & resist trends. We hope our customers care for each piece in their collection so they may be passed down through the generations. 

During the making process, we avoid plastics wherever possible, and whether it be clay or cardboard, we carefully reuse, recycle and reclaim materials at every stage. In addition, we are always looking for ways to make our firings more energy efficient and our products more sustainable without compromising on quality. These combined processes can slow the pace of production,  but we think it’s worth the wait.

[04] Layla Cluer

With a background spanning architecture, fine art and curatorial practice, softedge founder and designer Layla Cluer’s unwillingness to be defined categorically is embodied in the studio's name. From the slippery boundaries of disciplines that we work in, to the tactile curves and crevices of our forms, ‘softness’ is a conceptual and material starting point for each design and project.